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Blackwater Falls

The Blackwater Falls are located on Blackwater River in Tucker County, near the town of Davis, West Virginia. The dark, tumbling waters plunge almost 60 feet over resistant sandstone of the Pennsylvanian Age, creating one of the most photographed sights in the state. The falls are accessible from steps, and several viewing platforms allow visitors to enjoy the falls year-round.

Elakala Falls

The waters of Shay Run reach the Blackwater Canyon's edge and cascade down the canyon's wall as Elakala Falls. A short walk along the Elakala Trail from the Lodge will take hikers over the upper section of Elakala Falls.

Lindy PointLindy Point

45 acres of pristine mountain views into the Blackwater Canyon provide one of the one of the most famous views in all of West Virginia.

Pendleton Falls

Pendleton Falls can be viewed at a roadside pull-off about one-half mile from the Lodge. Like Elakala, these Falls are the cascades of Pendleton Run coming from the park's boating lake.

Winter scenePendleton Point Overlook

A view of Blackwater Lodge and Blackwater Canyon can be enjoyed from this vantage point. This is the canyon's deepest and widest point.

Blackwater RiverBlackwater River

Blackwater River is a scenic and wild river that runs through the heart of Blackwater Falls State Park.

Area attractions

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